New Charm Swap: “Traveling with My Friends” Luggage Tag/Charm Swap

“A journey is best measured in friends,
rather than miles.” 
~ Tim Cahill

ALL ABOARD!  Hi, everyone!  Please join me on a trip as we travel together with a Luggage Tag/Charm Swap.

  1. LUGGAGE TAG:  Create a luggage tag  measuring 4 ¼  X  2 ¼” from sturdy material, such as chip board, tag board, grunge paper, etc.  Decorate your tag representing your city, or your state. This could be something you love most about your city or state: places you might take a visitor, etc.  Be sure and sign your name on your tag somewhere.
  2. TRAVEL CHARM: Create a charm, no longer than 1 ¾”, representing your city, or your state.  Color findings are your choice. Please, no manufactured charm for this, unless it accompanies something you created.  Attach or tie, finished charm to tag.
  3. We will swap in groups of 6.  Make 6 – get 6 back.  You may sign up for as many sets as you like, but each set must be different.
  4. Sign-ups through May 15th.  Finished charms are due to me no later than June 20th. 

IMPORTANT LINKS for this swap . . .
  • For full information: Art Charms Yahoo Group in the "Files/Open Swaps" menu, or here.
  • For Sign-ups: Go to the "Database" menu, or here.
Come join in! 

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"Gift from a Fairy" Altered Matchbox/Charm Swap

Hello, everyone!  I thought you might like to see what everyone created for the "Gift from a Fairy" Altered Matchbox/Charm Swap. 

This swap was to alter or decorate a small matchbox, and include a charm from the fairy garden. For the MATCHBOX:  Keeping with a fairy garden theme, they had to alter and decorate a real matchbox, or create their own.   FAIRY CHARM: This was a gift from the Fairy Garden, so they had to create a charm with that theme in mind.  

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Wishing you a "Charming" Easter

Happy Easter!

"Well pleaseth me the sweet time of Easter
That maketh the leaf and the flower come out."
~ Bertran de Born

These were probably my favorite charms to make this year.  I love vintage-style and old vintage paper art.  They were created using some images from the Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiments Collection, metal stamping plates, beads, 20 guage Artistic Wire, and silver findings.  

These egg-shaped charms are a result of a video Tim Holtz posted last week for Alcohol Ink Eggs.  He used white plastic eggs for his beautiful creations, and I used some soft pink and yellow egg-shaped beads I found for mine.  The technique for the egg charm on the far left is from a video Blowing Alcohol Inks to Create Stunning Backgrounds


Again, using Tim's technique, the two charms above are the result of using the alcohol inks on two large while pearl beads.  

Two old images were reduced in size and  placed in  silver bezels for these charms.  For something different, I placed a thin layer of mica on top of each.  My photo doesn't capture it, but the layer of mica is creates a lovely effect.  

More Sewing Charms!

I have some fun charms to share with you today.

This charm took a little time to create, but I really liked the results.
  • The image for this was from an old advertising card or postcard.  I reduced it to 1 1/4" X 7/8" and printed 2 (for the front and back of the charm).  
  • I then cut out three or four 1 1/4" X 7/8" pieces of Strathmore Watercolor paper (140 lb) and glued (I used Glossy Accents) them together.  After dry, glue images on front and back of the water color paper.  The charm is now about 1/8" thick and strong.  
  • Since this was an ink jet image, it needed to be sealed first.  Glossy Accents seals an image from my ink jet printer, but you might want to test yours first.  I don't know if all printer inks react the same or not.  
  • I used Distress Ink around the edges for a vintage look and to color the edges of the water color paper.  .  
  • I then gave it several coats of DuraClear Satin Varnish to seal it and make it wearable
  • With a soft cloth, I rubbed Celtic Bronze Gilder's Paste around the edges of the charm.
  • For the dangle, I used a tiny craft spool (antiqued with Distress Ink) and then wrapped with some white thread, and included a small antique button.  I used antique gold wire and findings. 

This charm was created from an old card of sewing snaps.  It was in pretty bad shape so I pulled the snaps off and cut out a couple of insteresting images with a 1" square punch.  I glued (Glossy Accents) the image  on to a metal stamping blank.  Then I applied a few light coats of DuraClear Satin Varnish to protect the image and make it wearable.  I like DuraClear, but you can use whatever is your favorite glaze or varnish.  I glued the snap back on the image where it had once been and added a blue bead and another of the snaps for fun. Finished size 1 1/4"

I love these little bottles.  I hoard a lot of them--all sizes and shapes.  I had some tiny snaps for baby clothes that I found in a flea market.  The card they were on was in poor shape, so I decided to display them in a little bottle (left).  I sealed the tops on the bottles with a thin line of Glossy Accents around the top edge of each bottle. The buttons are baby buttons.  You could use tiny "craft" buttons for this, but they are not as think as the baby buttons.  Finished size of the charms are 1", not counting the jump ring.

The two charms above turned out so cute!  When I used to do a lot of embroidery work (long, long time ago) I would buy little cards like this for my embroidery floss.  These two, however were from a Quickutz 2" die and were cut out of white shrink plastic.  Shrinking made them about 3/4".  I didn't really have to do anything to the surface since it was already white.  I used regular thread to wrap around each "thread card"-- embroidery floss would be a little too thick unless you separated it.  I did put a little adhesive underneath the thread in a couple of places to hold it in place.  Both were finished off with some vintage buttons, tiny safety pins, and some charms (bottom photo).  I used 22 guage Artistic Wire (non tarnish) for the wire work.  Finished size about 1" counting the jump ring.  


March 2015 Charm Swap

March 2015 - Resin Challenge 

  • For this swap you will create a resin charm.  It must include resin, any technique.  The theme for your charm—your choice. 
  • Keep your charms less than 1.5”, using silver findings. 
  • This is a 5 for 5 swap. You can do more than one set of 5, but the second set MUST be different and wrapped separate from the first set. 
  • Sign-ups thru 4/01/15.  Finished charms are due to Bev no later than 5/1. 

IMPORTANT LINKS for this swap . . . 
For full information: Art Charms Yahoo Group in the "Files/Open Swaps" menu, or here.
For Sign-ups: Go to the "Database" menu, or here.

Come join us!

ART CHARMS GROUP links . . .
Art Charms Yahoo Group
Art Chams Facebook Group
Art Charms on Pinterest

Happy St. Pat's Day!

“May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.”

This is my all-time favorite image for St. Pat's day.  Playing around with it a little, I had it small enough for a charm.  I love how it turned out, and it will be fun to wear!

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Creating Memories with Art Charms

My beautiful mom died in her 40's, and all we had left was memories. That was 50 years ago. She was a wonderful mom and had many talents--but probably the one thing that gave her the most joy was sewing. She made all our clothes, linens, curtains -- everything!  She was a great seamstress, and taught my Sis and I the love of sewing as well.

Thinking of her sitting at her sewing machine, old sewing notions and fabrics are special to me.  I love to look for old lace, sewing notions, etc in flea markets--especially the ones like mom had. I don't really save them away in a box--I like to alter and create charms with them.


This is the front and back of a dress form where I keep most of my altered sewing notions charms.  Most are from charm swaps I participated in with the Art Charms Yahoo Group.  They are pinned on the form and easy to pull off when I want to wear some of them.  

Here are some of mine . . .







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