New Charm Swaps: 2014 Valentines Day

Will You Be My Valentine? Charm Swap (hosted by Art Charms Yahoo Group)
Remember how much fun it was to make and give Valentines when you were a kid? That was one of my favorite times of the year.  How about you? Let’s do it again, and make our valentines into charms! 

  • Keeping with a Valentine theme, you may use any materials to make your charms.  If you are making dangles, your charm must include a heart bead. Manufactured charms are fine as long as they are altered in some way.  
  • This swap will be in groups of 10.  Make 10 charms—get 10 charms back.  You may sign up for as many sets as you like, but each set of charms must be different.  
  • Traditional Valentine colors such as red, pink, white, cream, etc. are preferred--color findings are gold.  
  • Your charms may be up to 2” high, including the jump ring.  You may wish to stay with the standard size of 1 ½” for a charm bracelet—as well as some may prefer making a few charms up to 2”.  The longer charms are great to slip on a chain and wear as a pendant.  Or you may wish to join the “Charming” Love Banner Swap and display your charms on your finished banner. 
  • Sign-ups through December 20, 2013.  Finished charms are due to me no later than January 25, 2014.
IMPORTANT LINKS for this swap . . . 
  • Full Information: Art Charms Yahoo Group in theFILES/OPEN SWAPS” menu, or here
  • For Sign-ups: Go to theDATABASE” menu, or here.

"Charming" Love Banner Swap.  
Let’s make a “Charming” Love Banner with a pennant swap!  You will be able to create a banner from the pennants you receive.  It will be something you can display year after year, and a super way to display your Valentine charms!
  • You will make 6 pennants.  You may sign up for a second set, but your second set of 6 will need to be different.
  • The theme is “Love” or “Valentine’s Day”, so keep that it mind when decorating your pennants.  I suggest using traditional Valentine colors such as white, cream, pink, red, etc. as the main colors.
  • Make your pennants sturdy.  Suggested materials:  Chipboard, fabric, canvas, felt, grunge paper or grunge board.  Choose the materials you like to work with best. 
  • Your pennants are to be no more than 4” tall.  Please be sure to read and print the document I have provided in the folder “Open Files”(link provided below).  I have provided patterns for making your pennants. 
  • Sign-ups through December 20, 2013.  Finished pennants are due to me no later than January 25, 2014.  If you signed up for the “Be My Valentine Charm Swap” you may mail them together.
IMPORTANT LINKS for this swap . . .
  • Full Information: Art Charms Yahoo Group in the “FILES/OPEN SWAPS” menu, or here
  • For Sign-ups: Go to the “DATABASE” menu, or here.

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